AVG Antivirus takes away the worry of managing the online security of your devices, data and people across your business.

Flexible and simple to use, Accelerator will manage all of your AVG security services and give you the confidence that your applications and data are protected on supported devices, anytime, anywhere.


We also provide PC Backup

  • Award-winning AntiVirus protection

    Detect, block and remove viruses before they harm your business.

    Communications, data and the internet are the three key areas of risk for modern business. Ensure your users are protected and productive while keeping costs and administration under control.

  • Save Time

    Let Accelerator deal with the management and administration involved in protecting your users, data and network so you can concentrate on the important activities that add value to your business.

  • Lower Costs

    Pay only for the services you use. Then once you have chosen your services, they are charged in arrears on an actual use basis, you can be sure that you’re only spending on active protection.

    • No upfront investment.
    • Pro-active IT Support.
    • No licence keys, no seat limits.
    • Key services from the same supplier.

  • Advanced Features

    • Automatic removal of incumbent AntiVirus products.
    • Inbuilt Firewall protects against intrusion from outside your network.
    • AVG® Smart Scanning keeps memory usage down and lets users keep working.
    • Automatic updates for minimum administration.
    • Alerts inform your IT Partner of potential issues before they occur.
    • One-to-one chat online support for users.
    • Fix unexpected security and non-security events remotely.
    • Resolve issues quickly.