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IT For Your Sector

Shopping Centres

With more and more consumers heading to shopping centres you need to work smart, not hard, and make sure your IT does the work for you not the other way round.

Employees have a hard enough job focussing on getting the colours and designs right. Management have to focus on what they do next to make sure they can deliver what the consumer wants, when they want it. You might be a head office, a single shop, or multiple outlets. However one thing is sure, you (and your consumer) need IT to know what your stock is, where it is, and when they can get hold of it – nowadays all this is very often delivered through the web. Look no further than Accelerator, as :

We make sure that your IT works when you need it from what ever PC or PDA in what ever county you are in so you can communicate with head office or a retail outlet.
We enable shops to share information with other outlets, as well as head office, without hindrance.
With state of the art IT, and no large upfront infrastructure costs, you can view previous, current and future fashions and technologies from any internet browser.
You don’t have to rely on an IT manager to make sure your IT solutions just work, if you do have one they can focus on more strategic issues. We can make sure your communication tools just work, from when you wake up until you go to bed and from anywhere, for a manageable monthly or quarterly fee just like your utility bill.
If you cant afford an IT manager then we can perform that role as well.
We apply common sense to IT so when you call us we understand what you need and help solve your solution quickly.
You can focus on selling your goods, which makes you money.

Financial Services

Financial Service Financial Service

Our Financial Service customers have told us about the significant pressure of compliance and regulatory issues which change often, generally becoming stricter in line with new policies from bodies such as the FCA and the SEC.

You are asked to collect and store more and more data on customers which you need to keep safe – there are too many instances of data exposure and that is definitely not something that you want to deal with!

You need to have customer records to hand, to be able to give accurate and relevant advice. You need to use IT to your advantage, making sure that it supports your business from whatever country, office or hotel room you are in at that time, and doesn’t become the focus of it.


Recruitmentemail archiving

Recruitment is one of the toughest (yet perhaps most rewarding) sectors at the best of times.

Be it in recession or in market growth, you want to be sure that you can access your data when you want to, that it is safe from employee espionage, and that you can communicate with candidates and clients whenever and wherever you are.

Accelerator has the complete solution:

  • We make sure your data is stored on highly available servers proven to be up 99.9% of the time
  • We make sure that, if required, employees can only access data which is locked down and accessed through a remote desktop session from your office, which is backed up and safe.
  • We deliver a true desktop experience, through a thin client.
  • We support all your bespoke CRM systems, databases, email and files structures from a single sign on.
  • We link multiple offices together seamlessly.
  • Our support desk understands your business and is prompt to act in times of need.
  • With no large capex this is easy to get going and all upgrades, fixes and licenses are included.
  • Most importantly we give peace of mind to directors who are protecting their business databases, enabling them to add to the bottom line and focus on delivering profit and client satisfaction.

Travel Agents

Travel agents Travel Agents

As Travel agents dealing with different time zones with business travellers, families and individuals, you need to move with the times and may need 24/7 access whether working from the office or home.

Even when a dust cloud overhangs and hits, you need to be well prepared and able to service your customers to maximise revenue and make sure they come back time after time. We have an enterprise level architecture which makes your life easier and allows you to compete in any scenario for a fixed monthly or quarterly fee.

  • We enable you to access your email or files through a PC or web access or mobile device from where ever you are.
  • We enable you to access your money making booking systems from any where.
  • With our archiving solutions we enable you to quickly access fully audited historical detail that you can act fast on for that demanding traveler – confirming what you said and when you said it.
  • Using a state of the art telephony solution your customers can contact you from anywhere and, if they leave a voicemail, you can get it through your email enabling you to respond quickly.
  • We can enable you to take calls from anywhere, as if you are in the office, without forwarding – meaning you can meet your clients service needs.
  • We can switch on call recording by user so you can monitor what is going on and check you have completed what you said you did in real time.
  • We can connect multiple offices together so you can transfer calls, emails and other data without keeping a client holding on or losing them.



The pressure is on for the IT teams of most corporate organisations both to drive cost down as well as drive up efficiency and productivity whilst we all try to recover from the recession.

It means that you, as the person responsible for IT, need to be creative and flexible in your approach to budgetary control and how best to support both your team and the organisation. Your existing infrastructure may have to cope with new strategies including increased home working, further legislation, or supporting a developing global presence. You may also have to deal with the dilemma of ageing technology and little capex to replace it. All that, and you have a team that is under significant pressure to deliver. So how can Accelerator help you?

We deliver hosted IT and telecoms solutions to organisations that want to streamline their infrastructure, often outsourcing the non-core technology to a hosted service provider so they can concentrate on driving essential IT strategy. We can help create a hosted support platform for services such as e-mail, SharePoint, CRM and data back-up which is fully integrated with in-house servers. Your day-to-day activity is always safe, always secure in multiple tier 4 data centres and always available (up to 99.999% depending on the services you chose).



You are an expert in your field – in fact that’s what makes you successful. You could be just starting up or running an established company, the things that make you different are that you know your customers well, they like what you do and they keep coming back for more.

You understand that IT and telecoms are essential to managing your small or medium sized business and to keeping in touch with your customers and suppliers – you’re probably not an expert when it comes to setting up an e-mail account, managing a customer database or implementing phone systems but you know that it all needs to happen seamlessly if you are to grow your business. That’s where Accelerator can help. You need your IT and telecoms provider to listen to you, understand your business needs and build a solution that works for you – and that all needs to be done on a budget. You don’t need to know the detail of how it works – although we’d be happy to share that with you – all you need to know is that it does exactly what you agreed and that, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, there is always someone there who can help put it right. Having someone else host your IT and telecoms means that you can get on with the important job of running and growing your business safe in the knowledge that your company’s information technology is in safe hands.

Estate Agents

If your a sales or Estate agent, Property consultant or surveyor we have the total package to meet your business needs.

According to Estate Agent Today, more than 2500 agencies have gone out of business over the last 12 months, a sign of the tough economic times. Rising overheads and increasing competition from on-line providers have meant that many local and national agencies have had to review their plans and strategies for the future.

As we see property prices increase again, it will be the agents who have streamlined their operations and focused their attention on the customer who will ultimately win out. So, how can Accelerator help you regain and retain your competitive edge in this market?

  • Firstly we can deliver a proven Property sector IT strategy, built through a phased approach, which will keep your business up to date and with the lastest features, functions and technology for the future without breaking the bank.
  • We can help you keep in touch with your colleagues back at the office whilst you’re out on the road so keeping open lines of communication.
  • We can make sure that you always have access to your database, which you can update in real time, meaning you have all of the information you need, all of the time, at your fingertips.
  • We can make sure that your customer and property database, the cornerstone of your business, is always backed up and securely stored.
  • We can give you access to an on-line shared platform so that you can store original documents with strict version control – only one view of the schedule for properties.
  • We can save you time and money in administration costs by looking after your complete IT and telecoms needs, so you can get on with running your business
  • We can help your IT manager streamline and deliver new systems quickly or, if you can’t afford one or need cover when they have a holiday, we can be your Virtual IT manager.
  • We can help you build your strategy through a proven phased approach.
  • Our hosted services will bring multi site offices together, all working off the same system, without you having to have an IT person run around from site to site fixing and maintaining everything.
  • We bring common sense processes and take away employee frustration with IT.