Do you know what technology you have on your business premises?


Accelerator’s Auditing is a complete health check of your IT infrastructure and lets you know exactly what hardware infrastructure, software and services your business currently uses.

A detailed analysis of your existing IT systems will help to identify any potential risks or weaknesses and will let you know where there is potential for future improvement.

But we don’t have an IT team…

This is probably the most critical time to conduct an audit of your business. If IT is an unknown entity in your company then an IT audit will sum it up in an understandable manner and we can then recommend whether you need your own IT team or not.

  • No Jargon

    Some audits end up looking like they need to be decoded before being read. Not ours. We ensure that all of our audits are presented to you in plain English.

  • Detailed overview of your IT infrastructure

    We make sure no USB Drive stone is left unturned so you know every bit of technology in your business.

  • Expert Recommendations

    Once we have audited your business our expert IT technicians we will make recommendations on areas we think could be improved or even removed.

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