Cyber Security Solutions

Accelerator Managed Workplace

Is your data secure? Are you protected from cyber-attack? Could your systems be held hostage?

How would your reputation be affected if you couldn’t access your operational systems?

Every business that is in any way connected to the internet, whether that is using cloud-based services, browsing the web, sending emails or even letting your fridge connect through your wireless network runs the risk of being targeted with ransom-ware, malware, viruses, denial-of-service attacks or data hackers.

Being small or only holding uninteresting data is no defence as these attacks are often untargeted and simply look for the vulnerability in a system.

If you haven’t sought to plug those gaps then you leave yourself, and your reputation, open to some unpleasant, damaging and expensive risk.

Accelerator Managed Workplace (powered by world leader Avast) provides protection, visibility, live monitoring, active reporting and instant alarms to help protect your business from cyber attack.

Accelerator Managed Workplace allows you to keep an eye on the status of all connected devices within your business through a simple on-screen dashboard, allowing real-time monitoring of how your services are performing and whether any threats have been identified.

Real time reporting allows you to know that protection is in place and to be able to report to your clients or management that the systems are properly protected and functioning safely.



Accelerator Device Content Filtering

Device content filtering (powered by Avast), operates in a slightly different way to network filtering. Where network filtering runs across the entire internal network, device filtering stays with the device regardless of the network it is connected to. This works particularly well for laptops or other portable devices which may be on-line in the office or at home or the local coffee shop! This helps ensure that your staff are only gaining access to safe and secure websites regardless of their location, and prevents an accidental subsequent transfer of any infection to your network.

The system provides reports on user activity, including what sites they visit, at what time and for how long. These reports can be configured to be sent to you automatically via email


Accelerator Web content filtering and Firewall

Our cyber security web content filtering and firewall service (powered by Cyren and Draytek) prevents any device on your internal network at a hardware level from visiting unwanted or potentially harmful websites. This is achieved through a classing system, where websites are sorted into categories which can then be individually blocked. This can be dynamically changed as needed and specific sites can be white-flagged to allow access.

Further, you can block downloads from the internet and provide a third-party check before allowing any download. It’s too late once staff have downloaded a virus or ransomware!

The firewall component protects against attacks from the outside world. This service also gives a “heartbeat” for proactive monitoring of the uptime of your Broadband.


Pricing for your complete peace of mind and protection.

Managed Workplace + Device Content Filtering = £9.95 per

Device per month.

Web content filtering and Firewall = £14.99 per

Broadband connection per month.


  • Managed Workplace Features

    Anti-Virus software – keeping you protected at all times, alerting you of any threats it identifies. Anti-virus systems cannot stop new threats, which is why this is a service that should be managed, making sure that you are always kept up to date, receiving patches as soon as they are developed, ensuring that you are protected against new viruses as they are released.

    Patch Management – run cybersecurity scheduled works for hardware and application software updates and virus scans.

    Real time notifications – will report any threats which have been detected and highlight hardware which is not performing 100%.

    Asset tracking monitors your hardware specification/usage and allows you to view all the details of a machine/warranty renewals and report against this.

    Power management – helps reduce energy consumption on user’s device.

    Supply management – this monitors printer paper and ink supplies, notifying you when to order more.

  • Device Content Filtering Features

    • Prevents users from bringing security risks into the business
    • Automatically block sites by category, this can be sub categorised to warn before a user goes on the website
    • Drives productivity by limiting access to social networking and shopping sites where necessary

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