Email Archiving

Email Archiving

is a means to engage to manage, protect and ensure authenticity of your company’s intellectual property and capital.

Whether communicating with employees, clients or suppliers, message archiving is quickly becoming a business necessity and in some cases a legal requirement.

How Does It Work?

email archiving

Email Archiving bolts onto either your existing on-site email service or Accelerator’s Hosted Email. The service then takes a copy of every email sent or received internally or externally and holds it in a secure and audible system.

Once an email enters the system it is encrypted using AES standards and stored on your personal WORM (Write Once Read Many) Drive. All emails are then forever stored in their original state. All emails can be used as evidence in a court of law or allow your business to adhere to regulations such as FSA, FCC and Data Protection.

  • Privacy

    Our Data centres are in Canada and as such are beyond the reach of the US Authorities, Either through the Patriot Act or locally issued United States Subpoena.

    Canada is denoted as providing ‘equivalent or better’ privacy protection to that offered by the UK Data Protection Act and the EU Data Privacy Directive.

  • Protect your business

    Email archiving is more than the preservation of your corporate electronic records. It’s a matter of control and reputation.

  • Choice of online archive access rights

    User access to their email, specific accounts only, User groups, company-wide access for Admin/Executives.

  • Advanced Features

    Best practice in archiving shows that out sourcing your archive provides, in most cases, better: security, redundancy and access control / logging than in-house systems are able to.

    Having your data physically located in a hosted archive also buys you time when responding to locally issued subpoenas and can give better business continuity if your business is investigated by those authorities. The reason being that the authorities seizure of your local hardware might be possible but they cannot remove your archive if it is hosted without taking additional legal steps.

    Mobility – Access to the archive through iPhone or Blackberry is almost impossible to provide with an in-house deployed solution.

    Redundancy and data protection – Deployed, in-house, solutions are difficult to enable for reliable and accurate redundancy without very large expenditure. Geographically separate data centres with hot-mirrored redundancy

    Encryption at rest – There are few deployed systems that provide reliable industry standard encryption at rest. Global Relay uses dual RSA and AES encryption keys on the message data at rest.

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