Hosted VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the name given to the transit of voice calls over the internet rather than traditional telephone routing.

Accelerator Hosted VoIP takes basic VoIP to a business level by not only using your broadband connection to make and receive telephone calls but to also offer advanced telephony features that you would expect from an expensive office telephone.

The service is made possible through the use of advanced hardware and software housed in our remote server sites and is delivered to you through a dedicated desktop phone, your PC or your mobile phone.

Auto-attendant answers a ringing line with a recorded announcement, allows the caller to press digits to complete the call. (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for marketing).


Call Recording

  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

    We guarantee that the Hosted VoIP server will be up and running for a minimum of 99.99% of the time.

  • Free Local And National Calls

    Free local and national calls to any UK 01 and 02 number.

  • Advanced Features

    • Hunt Groups – Calls directed to groups of users for increased call coverage.
    • Night Service – route calls to an alternate number (e.g. a mobile) during non-work hours.
    • Do Not Disturb – intelligently route calls to voicemail or another colleague during those times of quiet.
    • Voicemail – one-button access to voicemail, also accessible via direct dial, web-portal and email.
    • Music On Hold – play music or recorded announcements promoting your business to callers.
    • Company Directory – one directory accessible via your phone or the online portal.
    • Online Phone Management – every number has its own online management site.
    • Free ‘on-net’ Calls – create your own VoiP business network with colleagues, clients and suppliers and call free within that VoiP network, regardless of location.
    • Free local and national calls to any UK 01 and 02 number.
    • Minimal Investment – no need to purchase an expensive, cumbersome PBX switch.
    • Enhanced Connectivity – connect to home users, sales teams and clients using industry leasing Cisco handsets or from a lap top/pc with a soft phone.
    • No Maintenance Costs – we’ll get any problem resolved remotely, usually before you’re even aware there is a problem.
    • Session Border Controller Security – ensuring every call reaches its destination safely.
    • Scalability And Flexibility – employees connected to the Accelerator VoiP network can be increased, decreased or moved instantaneously.
    • Real-Time Call Reporting – monitor staff and your business’s ability to respond.
    • Enhance Line Of Business Integration – API developer kit to integrate with your in-house application.

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