PC Backup

PC Backup

Accelerator offers many business level hosted backup software packs.

Our online hosted PC Backup software backs up to a secure hosting centre where a minimum of 10 rotational copies of 1 file is held. Accelerator hosted Backup software comes with a minimum 99.9% guaranteed up time.

You can have a simple scheduled daily backup that backs up any file or a continuous backup that holds up to 96 editions of a file a day and can retain a file for up to 7 years.

These include

  • PC and Laptop Backup – up to 30 day retention
  • Server Backup – with up to 7 year retention
  • Continuous Backup – with up to 7 year retention
  • Hassle Free – backups are automatic, daily and transparent

Online backup software provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect critical business data. Yours could be simple ‘file’ data or more complex databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL. In all cases the hassle-free peace-of-mind provided by online backup is refreshing


Email Archiving

  • Minimised downtime

    Restores are fast and easy in case of data loss

  • Fixed pricing plans

    No upfront capital for hardware, software or training

  • Multiple file versions

    Multiple file versions stored allowing earlier work to be recovered

  • Advanced Features

    • Only changes are sent resulting in efficient and non-disruptive backups
    • Protect PCs Laptops, Network data and Systems files with one solution
    • Industry-leading proven technology and military-grade security
    • Off-site storage and data encryption for ultimate security of key business data
    • Guaranteed data recovery when needed – backed by Service Level Agreement
    • Better compliance with the law – Data Protection Act 1998
    • CD based retrieval and archiving
    • 24×7 monitoring and support

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