Sharestore is the ability to do more with your files allows you to do more business and provide better client service, wherever business takes you.

Make sure you always have the files you need.

Work locally, even offline, using the programs you already know, with your changes automatically updated to all connected devices.

When team members collaborate on projects, changes are automatically synchronised and project owners have complete control over who accesses files and what they can do with those files.

Integrated Microsoft Office file creation and editing on iPad and iPhone devices, eliminates need for third party mobile apps that create a potential for data leakage.


Hosted Desktop

  • Policies

    Team Auditing to generate and export audit records on all account activity, including Projects, Groups, mobile access and more.

  • Annotate Anything

    Integrated Document annotation application for marking up any document without the need for third party mobile apps.

  • Reports & Audit Trails

    Detailed Reports and Audit Trails (including time limits on Users, Groups, Devices, Projects, and Files.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    Protection of all user data with 256-bit AES encryption during transit and storage with dynamic key rotation and virus scanning of emailed files.

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