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Choosing Accelerator

Choose Accelerator on delivering a single point of contact to its customers for a range of some of the largest and best managed hosted solutions in the world.

So Why Choose Accelerator? Because we feel you deserve the best.

Why Choose Acceleratorchoose acceleratorchoosing accelerator

We diligently select our solutions and implement them with the lowest impact to our customers. In many cases each of our solutions integrates seamlessly with one another thus bringing a fully redundant architecture in multiple locations from many suppliers to you, as one package.

We are a focused team of dedicated employees who understand that the customer relies on our services, and that the customer always comes first.

The relationships with our suppliers have been going for many years at the highest level. We recognise that problems do inevitably happen, and that speed of resolution is key. At Accelerator we pride ourselves on the level of service that we offer and the speed in which we resolve any issues.

  • We Build

    • Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, especially for you.
    • We use proven technology, products and services – we don’t experiment on you and we don’t compromise on quality.
    • We use the best highly secure data centres which give the highest standard of resilience should anything untoward happen.
    • Each service is in a different data centre bringing you a corporate level environment, with high levels of business continuity and disaster recovery so you never have complete downtime unlike one would experience with a single server, or with everything in one data centre.

  • We Implement

    • We work with customers to draw up the best execution plan for quick and efficient implementation of their solution.
    • We aim for no downtime at all for your business.
    • We think of the little things which get missed out in many transitions/migrations which cause user headaches – try us and see – smooth riding.
    • Minimum impact – maximum output.

  • We Support

    • We provide outstanding customer support for those occasional times when it’s needed – we are passionate about supporting our clients.
    • Customers pay for only what they use and nothing else.
    • There is only one bill for all services making it easy to track your spending.
    • There are no on-going support costs for our services – they’re all included so there are no nasty surprises.
    • We become your Virtual IT Professional (VIP), available whenever you need us.