Fibre Leased Line Connectivity

A leased line is a dedicated fibre line that runs from the Exchange (central telecoms hub serving an area) right into your property.

The connection is uncontended, meaning it is yours and yours alone and you get the dedicated bandwidth you pay for.

A Fibre leased line’s bearer determines the most bandwidth the line can accommodate and there are typically three types of these: 100Mb, 1Gb (1,000Mb) and 10Gb (10,000Mb).

If a leased line is maxed out (i.e. 100Mb on a 100Mb bearer) and there is need for more, a new leased line will need to be installed (i.e. 120Mb on a 1Gb bearer).

A common split for a managed building with 500Mb bandwidth on a 1Gb (1000Mb) bearer may be:

Split of a 1GB Bearer


Fibre Leased Line
  • Fibre can be shared across multiple tenants giving the same connectivity and security experience they would have if they put their own in.
  • The fibre back bone cost can be paid for through service charge and the tenants will only pay for the bandwidth they need – 100Mb for £149.00 PCM plus their dedicated port. This means it is a lot cheaper than each company putting their own fibre in, or what they are currently paying their existing provider.
  • It gives an upgrade to the existing broadband for the common areas, allowing Management, Reception, Security, Maintenance, etc. to work more efficiently.
  • It has better Service Level Agreements with 1-hour response, 4-hours fix from diagnosis and a network managed by one company. Accelerator does all the chasing, not the tenants. This provides a quicker and better service to the tenants.
  • Fibre can be used for modern telephony services like VoIP/Video Conferencing which we can also provide as a cloud based solution.
  • The fibre can also be used to give better security in terms of remote monitoring of BMS and CCTV.
  • New tenants coming in have an “instant on”, 14 days rather 65 working days and no wayleave.
  • Less cabling and costs for service charge/tenants to pay for additional/removal cabling through floors of the building.
  • Less risk that contractors cut through cables as there will be less around in the building.
  • Fibre future proofs properties by removing legacy copper wires and upgrades services such as ISDN; BT are discontinuing ISDN services in 2025 (no new sales from 2020).
  • Accelerator’s fibre gives priority to telephony services.

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