Hosted Desktop for Your Business

hosted desktop for your business

Companies and organisations all over are looking for alternatives to streamline their business and cloud computing is increasing by the numbers.

As your business grows so does your IT infrastructure, that’s why hosted desktop is an essential service to use.

What is Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktop hosts the operating system (Windows/Mac OS), applications, files and any configurations made from a physical desktop. This then allows users to access all their applications and files remotely (anywhere) from a server through the Internet.



Using a Hosted Desktop is a great way to not only streamline your business but make it more efficient and cost effective. In the past businesses relied upon an in-house dedicated IT team that would maintain the server, data and security which can be very costly but as the server is in the cloud, spending money on expensive hardware are not needed allowing you to save for growing your business in other areas.

Providing employees for accessing their desktop from anywhere helps keep your business running in the event of a disaster, such as; office fires, water damage, or severe weather conditions prevent people gaining access to their workplace.


Employees can perform more efficiently as they all share the latest versions of applications, giving them more flexibility and faster communication. All software updates will seamlessly update in the background to reduce delays in upgrades that are essential.

Uptime rate of 99.9% is guaranteed with many hosted desktops, which means you will never be stuck waiting to access your files. All data will be stored securely behind firewalls and if that particular server fails, it will be moved to another using cloud technology.


Hosted Desktop can be tailored to meet any businesses that need certain software added or removed. Employees can easily be added or even taken of the system if they no longer work there.


Accelerator can offer the following:

  • Increased Application Availability – your applications available from any location when you want them.
  • A line of Business Applications – we can accommodate your line of business applications so you don’t have to.
  • We’ll Back It Up – the entire Hosted Desktop platform (not just the data) is backed up each day and replicated to a second data centre.
  • Off The Shelf Business Continuity – as it is hosted you have disaster recovery and business continuity for your business. At the primary data centre, we have spares of every single server and network part so there is no need to wait for a vendor response to swap anything out.
  • 5gb Storage Per User – we will give you 5GB of file storage per user, and if you want more we can instantly provide this to you.
  • Absolute Protection – we will ensure that your environment is protected from viruses and other IT threats.
  • Microsoft Office Included – Latest version including Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint.
  • Local Printing – we can add your network ready printer in for an instant and seamless printing solution.
  • Physical Security – our data centre is located in a securely monitored facility giving you peace of mind your data is in safe hands.
  • Secure Access – every user has their own username and password.
  • Hosted Email – we can also provide you with hosted email on our Exchange 2013 platform; naturally you will want an enterprise-level email service to go with your hosted desktop.

To find out more info and other services we can offer, please call 0207 993 3100

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