Recruitmentemail archiving

Recruitment is one of the toughest (yet perhaps most rewarding) sectors at the best of times.

Be it in recession or in market growth, you want to be sure that you can access your data when you want to, that it is safe from employee espionage, and that you can communicate with candidates and clients whenever and wherever you are.

Accelerator has the complete solution:

  • We make sure your data is stored on highly available servers proven to be up 99.9% of the time
  • We make sure that, if required, employees can only access data which is locked down and accessed through a remote desktop session from your office, which is backed up and safe.
  • We deliver a true desktop experience, through a thin client.
  • We support all your bespoke CRM systems, databases, email and files structures from a single sign on.
  • We link multiple offices together seamlessly.
  • Our support desk understands your business and is prompt to act in times of need.
  • With no large capex this is easy to get going and all upgrades, fixes and licenses are included.
  • Most importantly we give peace of mind to directors who are protecting their business databases, enabling them to add to the bottom line and focus on delivering profit and client satisfaction.