Broadband ADSL

Does your business need a no-nonsense Broadband ADSL package?

Broadband ADSL

Accelerator delivers fast, uninterrupted business-class internet connections, backed up with dependable and round-the-clock support for a low-cost flat fee.

Accelerator’s innovative ADSL solutions package is tailored exclusively for business users, so you won’t find home users contending for your bandwidth. Your broadband is shared with fewer internet users, meaning faster speeds, whatever the time of day.

We understand that in today’s competitive and high-tech business environment, you can’t afford to be offline. Our enhanced care solutions mean we’re always available 24/7 to identify and fix any issues quickly and efficiently, direct from our dedicated technical support centre here in the UK.

To check availability to see what broadband speeds you can achieve please use our online ADSL Availability Checker

  • Unbeatable speed

    Accelerator’s ADSL connections are business class for the fastest upload, download and streaming speeds available.

  • Security

    With Accelerator’s pre-configured firewalls and managed virtual private network (VPN) solutions to offer a suite of protection measures, your business can use the internet securely.

  • Static and Multiple IPs

    Simple-to-use static internet protocols (IPs) are set up as standard, and we can add multiple IP addresses if you want to run multiple sites or ease traffic with the latest No-NAT technology.

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