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Venture Capital Partners

Venture Capital Partners (“VCP”) is a specialist provider of venture capital raising and corporate finance advisory services to entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises, focusing generally on UK based deals under £2 million up to £5 million.

The Company has an extensive list of potential investors who are looking for new ventures that promise a great opportunity for return. VCP screens out the best business plans from the many that they receive and work closely with investors and entrepreneurs throughout the entire capital raising process.

VCP is a FSA Appointed Representative of Sturgeon Ventures LLP and both Partners are FSA approved, qualified investment advisors.

Business Challenges

When Henry Talbot Ponsonby and his partners were in the process of setting up and growing the business they needed to have the flexibility to move to bigger offices quickly and efficiently so that their clients would experience total continuity of service regardless of where the VCP team was based. With any standard phone or e-mail system, the team would be bound by the timings of traditional telephony and computing companies. “We are a fast paced, young organisation and we wanted our technology to reflect that”, said Henry. A recommendation from a colleague at Sturgeon Ventures, a sister company to VCP, sent Henry to Accelerator.


To suit their style of working, Henry decided to implement a broadband-based solution using:

Hosted Microsoft Exchange, which provides state of the art, secure, reliable and 24/7 enterprise level email, enabling full collaboration of email, calendar and contacts unlike consumer based email and available from any device anywhere.

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony system, which uses a broadband connection to a secure, corporate level phone service that can be plugged in anywhere with the same telephone number. It gives free “on-net‟ to other users on the same business network as well as free local and national calls to any UK 01/02 numbers and 1000 corporate grade features.

Web hosting, which means that the VCP web site is managed 24/7 by experts, in a highly secure and resilient data centre with guaranteed uptime of 99.95% and unlimited monthly traffic.

Fax-to-email, which allows faxes to be sent and received from a pc, saving money on fax machines, paper and phone line and can move with you where ever you go.

Day to Day IT support, which guarantees that a service manager is on hand to help the VCP team during the working business day to deal with any queries and get any challenges fixed quickly and efficiently.

Business Benefits

“We wanted to ensure we always present a professional service to our clients and entrepreneurs whenever, wherever and however they want to so the hosted solution that we created with Accelerator really works for us. We are a growing business so it is also important that we keep our capital costs down and invest in our clients – this way we have had no expensive outlay for hard/software, licenses or on-going upgrades and we‟re charged a regular payment that we can budget for. The hosted solution that we have means that we can focus on our developing our business without worrying about the IT and telephony because someone else is looking after that for us.”

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