Industry Standard

Commercial Property

We partner with several household names in the commercial property sector, providing IT and telecoms to their UK portfolios. The experience and understanding we’ve gained over the years have enabled us to build commercially sound solutions that fit the needs of the market. We also know how things can change in this industry, which is why our service delivery is standardised across all managed sites, with simplicity and ease of use at the forefront of what we do.

With multiple suppliers and contractors on-site, the management of commercial property can be engrossing and the last thing you need to be giving you a headache is the IT. With connectivity fast becoming the 4th utility, taking advantage of an improved IT infrastructure can simplify workflows, reduce costs and bring in other benefits, such as filling vacant units.

Our services are specifically designed to be flexible and capable of transfer without interruption in the event of the building changing hands. No downtime, loss of data, reconfiguration and re-installation fees, no change of address and numbers – just a high quality and consistent service. From lift lines and leased lines to cyber security and collaboration tools, we offer tailored solutions under one roof with one number for support, all on one bill.

Our simple approach