Cyber Security

Business data is arguably one of the most important and valuable assets a company has, and it has never been more important to have protective measures in place. This is essential for large and small businesses for maintaining regulatory compliance, especially if customer data is being stored. Security is a high priority for all cloud services and our cyber security solutions are designed to encompass all eventualities to strengthen any disaster recovery plan.

Managed Workplace


Being small or only holding uninteresting data is no defence to cyber-attacks as they are often untargeted and simply look for the vulnerability in a system. With category leading anti-virus and device content filtering, Accelerator’s Managed Workplace solution provides protection, visibility, real-time monitoring, active reporting and instant alarms to help protect your devices and business.

Connected Backup

Connected Backup is an online software that provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect your business-critical data. The solution offers the flexibility to choose a backup schedule that suits you, whether this be everyday or at a specific time so you can “set it and forget it”. Backups are 128-bit AES encrypted and kept up to 90 days with each file having up to 10 rotational copies providing you more options during a restore.

Email Archiving for Business or Compliance

email archiving

Whether communicating with employees, clients or suppliers, email archiving is quickly becoming a business necessity and, in some cases, a legal requirement. Our Archiving solution bolts onto your existing email service taking a copy of every email sent or received internally and externally, organising it in a secure and auditable system. Depending on your level of compliance, we have packages that include compliance tools such as FCA, SEC and more.

Network and Device Content Filtering


Network and Device Content filtering gives the control to review and restrict the websites accessed by users within your company. This removes the risk of unwanted and potentially dangerous sites being visited. Achieved through a classing system, websites are sorted into categories which can be individually blocked, and permissions can be changed as needed and specific sites can be white-flagged to allow access.