Less is more for your website.

Websites are now and have been the main source of information especially if you want a quick answer, however this can also be confusing as you can see yourself going down the rabbit hole of reviews, forums, videos, images and social media having an opinion. This then makes it hard to come to a solid conclusion.. wouldn’t it be better to get the right info from a professional?

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When it comes to promoting your business no matter what your product or service is you need to broadcast the right information that will best serve your customers. Having too much information can not only be misleading but users become uninterested very quickly especially if they are searching, searching and searching to no avail.

What are the solutions?

There are many ways to convey the right information for your customers such as F&Qs, these are made up of your, yes you guessed if common questions, these can help your customers find the answer they were looking for but be careful not to list everything, your customer doesn’t want to filter through all common questions.

How to videos are a great way to demonstrate through visuals rather than page after page of the instructional manual. The benefit of videos is that you can host them on YouTube which will reach existing or even new customers thinking about purchasing your services or products.

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Basic contact information such as email or calling is another way but you may find that you can’t manage 24/7 so using a chat bot is one way to direct your customers. This however may not work for customers who have complex questions.

The best solution though is direct, make sure you follow up with your customers via email, chat box and social media.

Solutions By Design

So now you have stripped out all that unwanted information but your website is still a bit confusing and doesn’t flow well. Users are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to searching and they don’t want to think about it so make it as easier as possible. Use minimal clicks/links, the less the user has to click the more likely they will find the information meaning a better conversion.

Using a catching but readable font is a great way to keep the user interested as well as light colours.

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Most important of all is to use a simple menu structure that the user can navigate around with ease. Try avoid using complex features with sub, sub and more sub menus/categories.

If you happen to have many areas/sections within your website then using breadcrumbs is a great idea to keep your user in control.

Speak to one of our sales team on how we can simplify your information to reach more customers.


  • on July 27, 2022