Making sure your online DATA is safe

Many online services require some sort of sign up, even if you’re enquiring about a product or even a trial of a service. You will most likely use the same email address and password as it’s easier to remember and to keep track of.

This however can cause problems, for example if a service is breached then there is a chance of your mailbox being attacked.

Securing your DATA

To prevent your mailbox from intrusion there are some basic steps you can action now.

  • Consider using an alias (Free on Accelerators mail platforms) rather than your email username to sign up for online services.
  • Use different passwords for different services.
    • Password generators and vaults like keepass or lastpass can assist with keeping track of these.
  • Only entering your details on trusted sites (Browsers like Google Chrome will tell you if a site may not be secure).
  • Browsers such as Google and Safari have extensions to store your passwords, this is helpful if you have many different passwords and can only be accessed if you are logged into your Browser account.
  • Don’t forget to sign out of a Browser, especially if you are accessing your accounts on a public computer. 
  • Use two-factor authentication.
    • two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that can send unique codes to either your phone or another email address for you to confirm.

  • on March 19, 2019