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The Risks

By now we are all aware how much we rely on computers to carry out our daily work, whether producing documents, updating data bases or contacting one another. There’re no doubting advances in technology have changed the way we work forever.

Unfortunately, these same advances in have opened the flood gates for a new wave of crime – cyber-crime – which is at an all-time high with an unprecedented amount of data being at risk. Cyber criminals are constantly pushing the boundaries to exploit those who don’t actively update their security defences.

cyber risks

Cyber-crime is unlike other types of crime as it often doesn’t have a face and doesn’t discriminate with its victims. Criminals can target anyone who has online data, no matter of their geographical location. This means more often than not the victim and authorities won’t find out who the attacker is and because there is such a large spread of people who could have carried out the act, it can result in the victim being unaware for a long period of time, which can prove both costly and embarrassing to a business.

For example, Yahoo where attacked in 2013, initially believing 500 million accounts had been affected but it took 4 years for the full extent of the attack to become apparent with all 3 billion accounts affected. The tarred reputation and large amount of legal costs due to lawsuits relating to the data theft left Yahoo with little option than to put itself up for sale, eventually going to Verizon in October 2017.

Due to the very tight regulations placed on any one who stores data on consumers, suppliers or employees, being too large or too small offers no exception to being targeted; as long as you hold data you could be a potential target. It is not all doom and gloom however, by taking a proactive approach to your IT security the large majority of cyber threats can be neutralised.

The Solution

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managed workplace

At Accelerator, we understand that carrying out your daily work tasks is hard enough without having to keep an eye out for developments in technology and updates in software, and that is why we have a top tier cyber security package in our arsenal, Managed Work Place, that uses a variety of security features:

  • Device Content Filtering allows you to protect against threats and decrease unnecessary risk with category blocking and flexible block/warn/allow options.
  • Business-grade anti-virus software which has the highest rating in the business category of (an independent and neutral testing company).
  • Network monitoring & alerting of your device’s operating system and memory, as well as identifying issues on your hard disk and sound card, disk usage reporting and more.
  • Patch management that remotely approves and proactively deploys security patches to make sure your device is up to date and protected.

All of these features are key to keeping your data safe, which in turn helps to keep your company’s reputation and financial position intact.  To find out more on Managed Work Place please get in touch with our sales team on 02079 933 100 or at 

managed workplace
managed workplace

To find out more on Managed Workplace please get in touch with our Account Managers on:

02079 933 100 or at

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