Mobile and accessories, how clean is yours?


It has been mentioned that a virus can stay up to 72 hours on steel and plastic.

Using your mobile on a daily basis and that combined with the use of headphones are surfaces that, unless properly cleaned, can be contaminated by the current Covid-19 outbreak.

For example when coming on and off public transport and on your phone coming into the office.

Do you take your phone with you to these places?

  • on a break from the office
  • to get lunch or shopping
  • or to go to the office kitchen or Washrooms?

All things to consider when sharing communal or public areas with colleagues or others.

Prevention is better than cure… So you may want to consider wiping down your phone in and out of these places and others.

It is therefore advised that you make every effort to clean your devices, especially when traveling to and from work as this will limit the contamination and spread.

  • on July 2, 2020