Next Day Broadband with 4G

Businesses that rely heavily on a good broadband connection can find themselves waiting for the installation, this can have a very damaging impact on your communications with your customers. Next Day Broadband with 4G is possible to alleviate the waiting game.

Accelerator can supply a solution that will get you and your work colleagues up and running very quickly untill your ADSL/FTTC or Lease Line has gone live. With our configured all in one 4G Router, it’s the best way to connect with your customers and with limited downtime.

Next Day Broadband

4G Solution

4G is a mobile solution that can connect to Cellular providers such as o2 or ee. 4G will enable you to do what you would normally do such as access the web, send and receive emails and stream app services. Accelerator can provide you with a SIM and data packages so you will have of plenty to get you going.

Is 4G in my area?

Binoculars on a map

Check with ee or O2 to see if you can get 4G

Why you should consider 4G:

  • Pre-configured router with content filtering.
  • Fast and secure connection.
  • SSID (set up a Wi-Fi connection for your colleagues to connect to).
  • Excellent solution if you’re waiting on your permanent connection.
  • Excellent solution if you have a temporary office.
  • Data package deals.
  • Accelerator support.
  • Remote connection (use the router at home).
  • Fully portable.
  • Next Day Broadband Delivery.
  • 30-day contract.
  • Great backup solution if your permanent wired connection fails.

To find out more on how we can speed up your business connection please fill in the form below alternatively give us a call on: 0207 993 3100

  • on September 6, 2019