Working from home with ShareStore

working from home

Companies, wether small or large will at some point collaborate in a way to succeed in their project ideas. Cloud technology has many benefits that can be incorporated to your business to achieve this technology leap.

Benefits of cloud sharing:

  • A solution that enables your business to increase security, controls and collaboration
  • Quick an easy implementation
  • Access anywhere
  • Access on any device
  • Scalable
  • 99.98% Uptime

What is ShareStore?

ShareStore is a cloud based system that enables you to create, edit and of course share within your work colleagues. Creating projects is a very simple process and every change you make is continuously syncing in the background, meaning that you will never loose your most important work.

Reasons to use ShareStore:

  • Most email servers cannot handle documents larger than a few MB. When dealing with large audio or video files that email servers can’t accommodate, cloud computing solutions have the answer. Because you can provide access to the cloud, where the large files are stored, there is no need to send files. Through the cloud, there is no delay in receipt or distribution dilemmas.
  • The power of ShareStore can be a knowledgeable/brain storming platform allowing tour colleagues to be more productive and create better communication between other team members and managers.

  • on March 27, 2020