Call Recording

Call Recording

New challenges are on the horizon for businesses that deal with customers who make decisions on services or products. Overseeing every part of a business is very demanding, as you’re always looking to improve and seek new ways to combat this.

SMEs often fall short of this as their in-house IT is not achieving what they need to succeed in customer care. They may indeed have the relevant technologies in place, but with having limited technical skills, this can make the products inefficient.

Implementing these products to its full potential then your business will be transformed, don’t and you could lose potential leads and also cost you more.

 Call recording has its place


Larger corporations insist that call recording is an essential element to better customer response and feedback. SMEs need to do the same, it is a product that will work for anyone and now that it’s widely used it’s also very cost effective.

Things to consider

  • Is it easy to set-up?
  • How secure are the recordings?
  • How far back can I go to find a recording?
  • Can they be saved and forwarded via email?
  • What about legislation?

Many organisations clearly state to the customer that the call is being recorded/monitored for training purposes, but it’s not necessary to disclose this information as it’s a legal right to record.

Under the legislation, the type of calls that must be recorded is a little complex to understand. (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority has many guidelines that give a clear understanding that if any money is processed then the call must be recorded. (

Monitoring benefits

There are so many benefits to using such a product in order to increase, improve, accelerate and connect to more leads than before.

  • Always-on recording of specific users and their phone extensions.
  • Inbound and outbound external calls recorded.
  • Immediate online search and replay for supervisors.
  • “Live Aquire” facility to monitor active calls.
  • All calls securely stored for 12 months with secure online retrieval.
  • Save calls as .wav files or send as email attachments.
  • Playback call parties independently, listen to just one voice for greater clarity.
  • Per-seat licensing: set-up and a monthly subscription for each recorded seat.
  • Recorded phones can be physically located anywhere.
  • The recording follows the number when re-assigned to a different handset.

  • on July 6, 2017